Veterinary Care: The Animal and Avian Medical Center has been serving Brunswick and the nearby communities for over 20 years. We have 5 experienced veterinarians and 6 registered technicians that are dedicated to helping many species of pets and their people. Our advanced hospital has in-house blood tests (chemistry and CBC) for most species in addition to in-house digital x-ray and a wide range of other diagnostic tests. Up-to-date monitoring equipment and personalized, professional care will make you and your pet feel better as quickly as possible. Our mission is to fulfill the needs of our clients by providing quality health services through a responsive, friendly, professional staff that focuses on individual attention, education, and commitment.
Avian & Exotics: Very few clinics in the greater Cleveland and Akron area have the specialized expertise, trained staff and equipment to see birds and other exotic species. The veterinarians at Animal and Avian Medical Center have been treating these patients for over 20 years. There are several species variations and veterinarians who treat these patients may not be staffed at any given time, so it’s necessary to call for an exam. Three of our veterinarians will see birds, rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets, nonvenomous reptiles, rats, mice, hedgehogs, sugar gliders and some other species. Please feel free to call if your pet is a different species than what is listed here.
Dentistry: It has been well established in human and veterinary medicine that oral care is essential to overall health. Gingivitis and periodontal disease is not only painful, it can lead to more major health problems. At Animal and Avian Medical Center, dental procedures are performed by registered veterinary technicians and veterinarians. In a routine dental, the teeth are probed for infection, scaled to remove tartar and debris, cleaned underneath the gum line, polished, and the fluoride is applied. If problematic tooth roots are identified, they are treated or extracted due to the painful conditions they cause, such as oral abscesses. Many pets are more playful, active and eat better after their teeth have been cared for. If your pet has bad breath, trouble eating or poor appetite, a veterinarian should evaluate their condition. Good dental care makes for a better and longer life.
X-Ray: Digital radiography is state-of-the-art for both human and veterinary medicine and it is available at Animal and Avian Medical Center. This type of radiography allows for faster, more accurate and detailed images of our patients. Because the equipment requires no time to “develop” pictures the old-fashioned way, images can be evaluated quickly and even adjusted after they were taken. This means less restraint time for our patients and less stress. Also, it allows for faster, more accurate diagnoses. The Animal and Avian Medical Center provides radiography services for many nearby clinics that do not have this technology.
Laboratory: Diagnostic testing is an integral part of good veterinary medicine. Just as in human medicine, testing determines the specific care and prognosis for the patient. At Animal and Avian Medical Center, many diagnostic tests are run right in our laboratory. Testing for infectious and parasitic diseases, metabolic and blood disorders, as well as hormonal conditions, can often be run the same day. This means treatment can begin right away. Tests for heart disease, blood pressure and respiratory disorders are also available. When your pet is sick, the laboratory at Animal and Avian Medical Center can get fast answers and the best care.
Surgery: The surgery service at Animal and Avian Medical Center offers comprehensive and experienced care. We offer surgery for avian and exotic species, soft tissue and orthopedic conditions. The highly skilled staff manages our patients with care from the preoperative blood screen to postoperative recovery. Anesthesia is monitored by skilled and experienced, registered veterinary technicians and state-of-the-art equipment. Pain management is an important part of our service so patients are kept as comfortable as possible when undergoing a procedure. An accurate estimate can be obtained after an evaluation by the veterinarian on initial exam.
Grooming: At Animal and Avian Medical Center, we offer a full service grooming salon. Each groomer is experienced in all-breed dog and cat grooming. Our grooming friends are our number one priority and we cater to each pet individually. A full groom consists of a bath, full coat brush-out, nail trim, ear cleaning and haircut of your choice. To serve you better, the Animal and Avian Medical Center grooming service is on an appointment basis only. Flexible hours in the morning, afternoon and evening are available. We will do our best to accomodate your schedule and your pet's needs. For your convienience, we also offer nail trims on a walk-in basis during certain office hours. With the assistance of the Animal and Avian Medical Center staff, anxious pets can be sedated if necessary to reduce stress and improve the quality of a difficult groom. It is important to remember that to provide excellent care and protect all of our pets, all grooming patients must be completely up-to-date with vaccinations. Our Animal and Avian Medical Center grooming department will always do their best to keep your pet looking good!